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pgtclng - PostgreSQL Tcl Interface Next-Generation - is a loadable Tcl module for accessing PostgreSQL databases. It started from the libpgtcl bundled in pre-8.0 releases of PostgreSQL, and included extensions from an early release of the Pgtcl project on It has additional fixes and extensions, including features added in the companion project pgintcl.

The SourceForge project page for pgtclng is at, where you can find downloads, help forum, bug reports, and more.

Applications for Tcl/Tk scripts using pgtclng range from simple database query utilities, to database report generation scripts, to complete application programs with graphical user interfaces.

There are three released products: the pgtclng source, a binary release for Microsoft Windows, and a reference manual. Pgtclng is developed on Linux, and tested on both Linux and Windows systems.

Pgtclng is released under a BSD open-source license.

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Both pgtclng and pgintcl are tested using a test suite called pgtcltest. This uses the tcltest package included in Tcl/Tk. It includes about 320 tests of Pgtcl functions, including functionality tests, error tests, memory leak tests, and performance tests. Testing includes different PostgreSQL server versions, Tcl versions, and operating system platforms.

The pgtcltest test suite is not packaged for release, but is available in the pgintcl project's Subversion repository under the path /trunk/test. Please note that unlike pgtclng and pgintcl, the test suite is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2, so it cannot be bundled with non-GPL products.

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Updated: 2014-09-13