pg_getresult — Wait for and return result from asynchronous SQL command


pg_getresult conn


pg_getresult waits for the database server to complete a pending asynchronous query, and returns a result handle for the query.



The handle of the connection to get a result from.

Return Value

A result handle from the execution of pg_sendquery.

There are no error conditions. This command will block until a result is available. If no asynchronous query is pending, it returns an empty string.


Be sure to free the returned result handle with pg_result -clear when you are done with it.

If a callback command for asynchronous query results has been established with pg_result_callback, but the results ready event has not yet occurred when pg_getresult is called, the callback will be canceled by pg_getresult.

This command uses or emulates the PostgreSQL libpq function PQgetResult. Logo

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