pg_lo_lseek — Seek to a position of a large object


pg_lo_lseek conn descriptor offset whence


pg_lo_lseek moves the current read/write position to offset bytes from the position specified by whence.



The handle of the connection.


A descriptor for the large object from pg_lo_open.


The new seek position in bytes.


Specified from where to calculate the new seek position: SEEK_CUR (from current position), SEEK_END (from end), or SEEK_SET (from start).

Return Value

The current zero-based byte offset in the large object, after the seek is complete. This is identical to the value which would be returned by pg_lo_tell.

A Tcl error will be thrown if an error occurs.


All large object manipulation must take place within an SQL transaction block.

This function is limited to using a 32-bit signed offset (about 2GB). See pg_lo_lseek64 for 64-bit offset support.

This command uses or emulates the PostgreSQL libpq function lo_lseek. Logo

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