pg_on_connection_loss — Set a callback for unexpected connection loss


pg_on_connection_loss conn ?callbackCommand?


pg_on_connection_loss creates, changes, or cancels a request to execute a callback command if an unexpected loss of connection to the database occurs. With a callbackCommand parameter, the request is established, or the command string of an already existing request is replaced. With no callbackCommand parameter, a prior request is canceled.

The callback command string is executed from the Tcl idle loop. That is the normal idle state of an application written with Tk. In non-Tk Tcl shells, you can execute update or vwait to cause the idle loop to be entered.



The handle of the connection to watch for connection losses.


If present, provides the command string to execute when connection loss is detected. If absent, an existing command string for connection loss is canceled.

Return Value

Nothing. Throws a Tcl error if an error occurs.


This command is not available in pgintcl. Logo

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