pg_lo_write — Write to a large object


pg_lo_write conn descriptor buf len


pg_lo_write writes at most len bytes from a variable buf to a large object.



The handle of the connection.


A descriptor for the large object from pg_lo_open.


The string to write to the large object (not a variable name, but the value itself).


The maximum number of bytes to write. The number written will be the smaller of this value and the length of the string.

Return Value

The number of bytes actually written is returned; this will ordinarily be the same as the number requested.

If an error occurs writing to the large object, a negative number will be returned. Other errors result in a Tcl error being thrown. Note that error handling for this command is different from most of the other Large Object commands.


All large object manipulation must take place within an SQL transaction block.

This command uses or emulates the PostgreSQL libpq function lo_write. Logo

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